Miami Dolphins Drop Chad Johnson After He's Charged With Headbutting Wife (VIDEO)

Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada

It's pretty safe to assume that NFL star Chad Johnson (Chad Ochocinco) will lose his marriage to Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada considering he was arrested for a domestic dispute against her, but now it looks like he's lost a lot more than the wedding band on his finger.

Apparently Lozada found a receipt for condoms that Johnson had purchased, and the two had an argument, resulting in him headbutting her and sending her to the hospital. And in the wake of the scandal, the Miami Dolphins have announced that they've cut Chad Johnson from their roster.


Wow. Who knew that purchasing condoms could have such a negative chain of consequences? Something tells me the last thing on Chad's mind when he paid for them was that they'd actually mark the downfall of his sports fame -- not to mention the fact that everyone would assume he'd cheated on his wife. (Why else would he be carrying protection?)

Even though he says that the whole headbutting thing was nothing but an accident, it's easy to understand why the Miami Dolphins acted in such a drastic manner. The last thing they need is to condone one of their players being aggressive toward his wife. That sort of behavior is unacceptable, regardless of how good of a player he is.

And now that he's no longer a Miami Dolphin, odds are good that Chad will wind up kissing goodbye endorsement deals as well. (Again, all for a pack of condoms.)

You can see Chad Johnson being released from jail (duh, of course he made bail) in this video clip.

Do you think Chad should have been dropped from the Miami Dolphins?


Image via Gary Miller/Getty

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