Newlyweds Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada Draw First Blood Already (VIDEO)

Chad Johnson Ochocinco Evelyn LozadaWow, these famous newlyweds sure didn't waste any time moving from domestic bliss to first domestic violence charges. Chad Johnson, the NFL player formerly known as Chad Ochocinco, was arrested last night for allegedly headbutting his brand new wife Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada after a verbal argument. It is reported that Lozada suffered lacerations on her forehead

The two only just got married just over one month ago on July 4th. Yikes. This isn't looking good. Especially when you hear what they were said to be arguing about.


Sources say the ugly scene started over a receipt for condoms. Apparently, Lozada must not have known anything about said condom purchase by her dearly betrothed because a verbal argument ensued. The rest gets pretty murky as Johnson was busted for headbutting Lozada but, of course, he says it was an accident. Seems to me there must have been some sort of awful wrestling or dodging going on for an "accidental" headbutt to occur, but hey, leave that to the courts to decide.

The two did seem to have an, um, peculiar kind of love between them. In June, after Johnson was released from the New England Patriots, Lozada joked on Twitter: "I'm the bread winner now, which means I make the rules! #Boom." When her followers called her out on the insensitive remark, she told them to "F off!" And now it sounds like Johnson may have his own bigger problems when it comes to dealing with feelings.

Johnson appeared before a judge early this morning and bond was set at $2,500. He's expected to post and be released within the next few hours. No contact with Lozada is allowed.

Edited to add: TMZ reports that Lozada has been discharged from the hospital after being treated for her injuries. She was released early Sunday morning and is said to be staying with close friends. 


Do you think Johnson and Lozada are going to get help and try to work it out? Or is their marriage is just doomed from the start?

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