Texting Champion Types Messages Insanely Fast & Teaches Us a Lesson

Texting teenTexting. You do it obviously, right? But are you fast at it? Well check this out: There's actually a texting speed competition that's put on by LG right here in New York City. On Wednesday, a 17-year-old from Wisconsin won $50,000 because ... he's a fast texter. Heck, I could sure use $50,000 for punching a few keys.

How fast, you wanna know? You're not even ready for this. Six characters in one second. SIX. I can't even type six characters a second. Screw that, I can't even say an entire word in one second.

Sigh. If the fact that a competition gauging texting speed actually exists isn't a sign of the changing times, I don't know what is.


Welcome to our techytastic generation. The other day I looked at the call log, and realized I hadn't actually spoken to another human on the phone in four days. Four days! Five years ago, someone would have called the police if they hadn't heard from me in four days. But that's just the thing. I'd been in contact with everyone close to me. My parents, my good friends, coworkers -- all via text.

Is it a bad thing? I sort of think so. I feel like kids these days (wow, I sound like my grandmother) are missing out on some sort of interpersonal skills because they don't have to talk to people all the time. So much of life is conducted via text, email, tweet, Facebook post. It's not abnormal for a group of people to be out to dinner, and each one of them is on their cellphone. It's just the way of life, and it's scary.

And heck, when are the thousands of studies going to come out that tell us how messed up our hands are from texting all the time? I don't know about you, but I'm waiting for the carpal tunnel to kick in any day now. One thing's for sure: If I texted six characters a second, I'd most definitely be wearing a brace.

Do you text message a lot? 


Image via TarahDawdy/Flickr

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