Should U.S. Olympic Athletes Be Required to Wear Red, White, and Blue?

american flagSince when do we care more about what Olympic athletes wear and how they do their hair than their gold medals? David Webb, Sirius/XM radio host on the “Patriot” channel, lamented recently on Fox News that Americans aren’t showing enough patriotism with their uniforms.

Webb told guest host Alisyn Camerota on America Live that he was disappointed in the attire of athletes like gold medalist Gabby Douglas, who wore a hot pink leotard to compete in the gymnastic all-around. “What’s wrong with showing some pride?” he asked. He added, “We’re a very nationalistic nation.”


I think the most important thing an American athlete can do at the Olympics for his or her country is to win, not wear the right outfit. Stars and stripes are nice and all, but isn’t America supposed to be the place where people are free to express themselves? What’s more American than expressing yourself?

The only country that has more gold medals than the United States is China, the country that routinely takes naturally gifted children from their homes and puts them into training centers where they are “trained” to the point of abuse. Superb Chinese diver and gold medalist Wu Minxia wasn’t even told about her grandparents’ deaths over a year ago, as the news might “disrupt” her rigorous training. Oh yeah, and her mom’s been battling breast cancer for years, another tidbit Wu heard about only after winning the gold.

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Almost ironically, Webb cited the Chinese in that same segment for their national pride in wearing red. They’re not wearing red because they’re proud of their country; they’re wearing it because they probably have to.

The debate over what Olympians wear is silly. America is awesome, and we represent some of the best athletes in the world and bring home the gold, regardless of our attire.

Besides, if we’re going to talk about shameful uniforms, can we please mention the Spaniards and their hideous soccer jerseys? Those are bad news in the fashion department.


Image via Cristian_RH7/Flickr

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