‘OMG’ Was First Used 100 Years Ago?! OMG!!

omg winston churchillThink you were on the vanguard back in the '90s using the acronym OMG? Think again. You have to go way back in time before you even start to assume that you were on the cutting edge of abbreviating "oh my god." Researchers at George Mason University found a letter from a British admiral to Winston Churchill back in 1917 that they think has the first documented evidence of OMG.

The Navy man was making a joke about the unnecessary public hysteria over the size and power of the German fleet, and basically said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that those concerned didn't have to join the Order of St. George, called the OSG, they could ban together and start a frenzied society, called OMG. Get it?!


Hey, you think Winston Churchill read the letter and was like, OMG, "OMG". I love it. I'm totes stealing that. Same. I think he did, too. I bet he threw off his tie in exultation, feeling sweet, unrestricted relief, having finally found the abreves he's been waiting for. It might be what propelled him to become one of the greatest leaders of the century. You never know, had OMG never been written, we could all be speaking German right now and fighting over a loaf of bread. Like, OMG, srlsy.

I'm sure the admiral would rather be remembered for his clever joke, or, say, his selfless service to his nation, more so than the fact that he was the first to come up with the English-speaking world's most overused acronym, but you win some, lose some. And he was on the winning side of the war, so you know, he shouldn't feel that bad.

The admiral did not end his letter with an XOXO or a BRB, but we can safely take away from all of this that what was once old is new again. Now, can someone please tell me when OMFG was first used?

Did you know OMG was that old?


Photo via Wiki Commons

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