Lolo Jones Cries on Air Because She's More Than an Olympic Sex Symbol (VIDEO)

Lolo JonesIn a recent interview with track star Lolo Jones on the Today show, she broke down in tears over her fourth-place finish in Tuesday's 100-meter hurdles final. She also had some choice words for her critics who "ripped [her] to shreds" right before she competed.

You may think she's just another athlete whose complaints are sour grapes. But she was specifically referring to a piece in The New York Times came out that questioned whether Jones was overhyped and undertalented. It compared her to Anna Kournikova, the former tennis player who never won a WTA title. They implied that Anna was known more for her image and her sexy looks, and that her talent was meaningless, if not nonexistent.

I can't imagine reading this would have any effect on the outcome of her race, but it's a shame that the NYT did this to Lolo.


You may be thinking that Lolo brought this on herself. She became one of the most well-known Olympians after telling the world that she is a virgin. But The Times article questioned all this since she provocatively posed for the ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue as well as Outside magazine. The fact we all went crazy with her virgin story should show more about society than her. And I guess you can't be sexy and a virgin at the same time nowadays?

That's just the beginning. Take a look at what Lolo has to say:

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It's hard to tell for me whether she's placing blame on the negative press for her non-medal performance or if she's just venting in general about how the media has treated her before her big race. But obviously an athlete doesn't get to the Olympics without putting in a tremendous amount of hard work, sweat, and tears.

That the NYT said she's famous because of "her exotic beauty and on a sad and cynical marketing campaign" is really quite cynical, even for me. Female athletes are trying to find their place in a sports world where fame can be due to either talent and sexuality. There can be no doubt she is a hard worker -- she's the fourth best 100-meter hurdler in the entire world. And even if females are using their sexy side to promote themselves, it's us as the media and consumers who are eating it up in the first place.

Anyway, I am sorry for Lolo that she wasn't able to shut the naysayers up. Take it from someone who works online -- don't listen to the haters, girl! Just do you and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Of course, easier said than done, but it always has to be said.

Do you think Lolo Jones was treated unfairly by the media before her big race?


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