Employers Think You're a Nut Bag if You Don't Have a Facebook Account

nicole fabian-weber facebookWhen you have a job, you have to be careful with your Facebook account. You can't be firing off offensive status updates that are laden with F-bombs, or risque photos of yourself where, clearly, you aren't sober. And when you're looking for a job, it's even worse. You need to be extra careful. That one picture your friend tagged you in? You know, the one where you're passed out outside of your hotel room door on your "lost weekend" in Tijuana? Yeah, that could be a deal-breaker. It almost pays to delete your account altogether, because these days, even the most innocuous of Facebook postings can be misconstrued. But before you log off for good, get a load of this: Employers and psychiatrists may think you're an unstable loon if you're not on the social networking site. Can anyone say lose-lose?


The Daily Mail recently reported that potential bosses think it's weird and suspicious when they can't find would-be employees on Facebook, because in 2012, Facebook is considered normal. Which means if you're not on Facebook, you're abnormal. Apparently, employers go straight to the worst if you're not online, assuming that you used to have a Facebook account, but you had to delete it because it was rife with awful, horrible, controversial stuff.

But what if you just don't want to be on Facebook, because you think it's pointless and annoying? What if you just don't want to be on Facebook because you don't care what people are listening to on Spotify?

Hearing that someone doesn't have a Facebook account is definitely a bit of a brow-raiser, as most people have them. But suspicious? I don't know about that. I actually think it's pretty cool when people don't have accounts. My husband doesn't have one, as well as a few of our friends (coincidentally[?] all males), because they don't want to be bothered. They really aren't all that interested in maintaining an online account, posting photos and updates and whatnot. I certainly don't find them suspicious of anything ... except maybe being awesome.

Personally, I enjoy Facebook, and I'm glad (most of the time) that I have a profile. But it's definitely a huge time suck, and it most certainly keeps me from focusing on more important things -- like work. So, maybe employers should be looking for people who don't have accounts. They may be weirdos, but I bet they're productive.

Do you know a lot of people without Facebook accounts?

Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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