NASA's 'Mohawk Guy' Cutie Almost Upstages Mars Rover Landing (VIDEO)

mohawk guy bobak ferdowsiThe most thrilling thing about the Mars rover "Curiosity" landing is seeing the video, of course. But the second most thrilling part? A young NASA flight director named Bobak Ferdowsi, AKA "Mohawk Guy." He was the cute guy near the back sporting a black and red mohawk with stars shaved into his sides. Oh yeah, and he has a heart-melting smile.

Just a few seconds onscreen and suddenly Bobak found his Twitter stream loaded with marriage proposals! (Psst, @tweetsoutloud.) Emails, texts, friend requests -- he was totally overwhelmed with electronic love. And you should see some of those marriage proposals -- they're hilarious.


@dodsonw8 I know you've been busy, but will you marry me? Land something on Mars if the answer is yes.

@InternetSabrina An open letter to #MarsCuriosity Activity lead @tweetsoutloud AKA #MohawkGuy. Dear Bobak Ferdowsi: Please marry me. Sincerely - the Internet.

@MrsTomSauter oh you guys, it's time to tell you all. I married Mohawk Guy last night. Send your gifts.

@MrsTomSauter is sadly mistaken -- it is I who married Mohawk Guy last night. (Actually, he has a girlfriend IRL. SADFACE!) I've always pictured NASA technicians as these boring guys who all look like middle-aged versions of Dwight from The Office. But here's this young guy, rocking a sexy 'do, and WOW. I need to re-think the JPL landscape, obviously.

And did someone say meme? We got your Mohawk Guy memes right here.

Here's Ferdowsi talking about how weird it was to blow up as an Internet sensation after the landing. "It is a little surreal. But it's all in good fun." I love what he says about how he hopes this inspires more interest in the sciences. Yeah, as long as science is this hot, I think it definitely will attract more interest.


What do you think of Mohawk Guy?


Image via @tweetsoutloud/Twitter

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