Kicking 'Selena Gomez' Off Facebook Is So Not Cool (VIDEO)

selena gomezWhat, with them being a billion-dollar company and all, I think it's time for Facebook to get their shit together. Clueless Mark Zuckerberg is gonna run this company into the ground. Kidding. Clearly Mark Zuckerberg isn't clueless, and clearly we're all just pawns in this game of his that surely will end with him sitting at the top of a tower, twirling a mustache, and laughing maniacally. But, seriously, there are a few glitches that need to be ironed out with the site. Like the glitch that kicked Selena Gomez off. That's America's -- and Justin Bieber's -- sweetheart right there! You don't kick her off Facebook.


Here's the glitch: It wasn't that Selena Gomez who got banned from the site, it was a different Selena Gomez. One that lives in New Mexico. One that, unfortunately, has to bear the burden of sharing a name with a ubiquitous tween pop star.

Yesterday, 18-year-old Selena Miranda Gomez tried to logging into her Facebook account numerous times and each time she was denied access. Eventually, she received a message saying that her request was shut down because it is “inauthentic.” (I.E. Facebook thought she was impersonating the other Selena Gomez.) A short while later, Gomez found out that her account was totally disabled because, on Facebook's watch, “impersonating anyone or anything is not allowed.”

Longish story shortish, Gomez was able to regain access to her account a little while later. A spokesperson for Facebook stated: "We were able to reactivate the account in less than 24 hours after mistakenly disabling the profile, we apologize for any inconvenience." So there you have it. 

Facebook's a ginormous company, so it's not surprising that time and again, mistakes like these will be made. But, dude. Obviously there's more than one Selena Gomez in the world. Get it together. Hire a few new interns or something.

Check out the story. What do you think?

Image via !!Ahmed!!/Flickr

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