Jef Holm Becomes ‘Mr. Emily Maynard’ on Twitter & We Love It

jef holmAwww, you guys, Jef Holm just changed the bio on his Twitter profile to read "Mr. Emily Maynard." I guess he figures more people know who Emily is than know who he is. That, and he must be proud and thrilled to be engaged to her. Folks, it takes a real man to call himself Mr. My Fiance. I love it.

It does make me cringe just a wee bit because of a certain woman once known throughout the Twitterverse as Mrs. Ashton Kutcher. Golly, Mr. Maynard, are you sure you want to put your love out there like that? What if it all goes down in flames?

But even though it makes me nervous for Jef I think he should just go for it. Especially the way he's done it.


He didn't change his Twitter handle, just his bio line. Smart move! That's a lot easier to change back in case of unexpected scandal. And you know how it goes: If you're a celebrity there's something like a 50% chance your relationships will blow up in a scandalous way. Better be prepared.

On the other hand, Jef should put an optimistic face on this relationship. He's asked a woman to marry him! Sure, on TV, as part of a reality program that's more or less a game show. But still! It's a major life decision and I like how he's publicly declaring himself smitten and taken. Good for him.

And considering that's pretty much what he's known for right now he might as well identify himself that way -- even though he owns his own business, a business he should be very proud of. Like I said, I think it takes a big man to swallow his ego and show the world that his relationship matters even more. Now if we can just get him to add a second "f" to his first name...

What do you think of Jef Holm's new Twitter bio?


Image via @JefHolm/Twitter

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