'Real Housewives' Can Pay for Twitter Followers, But They Can't Pay People to Like Them

micah tanous'Member Peggy Tanous from The Real Housewives of Orange County? You do? Okay, what about her husband, Micah? 'Member? You 'member! Yeah, well, he's suggesting that the current cast of RHOOC is paying for their Twitter followers. Paying for them! That's coconuts! People love them! They have, like, nine million followers apiece-- Wait a minute, is this true? Micah, say it ain't so!


A few days ago, Tanous tweeted: "I just answered a call from the company that is SELLING all the current RHOC cast their Twitter followers, What a F'ing Joke! Fake likes!?!" Then Tamra Barney, never the shrinking violet, was quick to respond back: "Not cool to say ‘all current’ cast members when it's a lie. We know a certain couple buy followers the rest of us do not!" The exchange between the two then prompted a Twitter user to ask Micah if he’s still friends with any of the cast members, to which he responded: "Yeah right...that would be a no." Isn't this all so fascinating?!

No, Micah's tweet does raise a (sort of?) interesting question. Do semi-famous people (read: Housewives castmembers) pay for all their Twitter followers? Jill Zarin of RHONY supposedly did something like this, along with paying for followers for her dog Ginger's account.

It's a weird thing, the notion of paying for Twitter followers. I mean, I get that it's going to make them "look" more popular than they are, but is it really going to do anything in the long-run? It's not like they're paying people to actually like them. Although who knows? Maybe there will be a company for that too one day!

Do you think some of the Real Housewives members pay for Twitter followers?

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