Serena Williams Wins Olympic Gold & Does 'Scandalous' Dance

serena williamsThe headlines read "Serena Williams Dominates Sharapova," "Serena Williams Storms to Singles Gold," "Serena Williams Easily Wins Gold Medal." Hello, career Gold Slam! You'd almost think Serena Williams was a hurricane or or a blockbuster action flick rather than a star tennis player. Like she blew into the court, picked up Maria Sharapova in a funnel cloud, and dropped her about 100 miles miles outside London.

But can a tornado dance like this? Just after winning Serena did a funny little victory dance -- not unlike the classic football endzone dance, but with her own spin, of course. Some say it's bad manners. Some say it's a "Crip Walk." Whaaaaat? 


Okay, for various reasons we can't post the video right here, but you can see Serena Williams do her post-gold dance here. And oh looky, a gif of Serena Williams dancing has been born. You know, just in case you want to see the move over and over again so you can learn how to do it yourself. (My plan for the rest of the afternoon -- CU on the dance floor, bitchez!)

Now. Is this unsportsman-like of Serena? Already there are rumors that she'll be stripped of her medal for that little shuffle but I seriously doubt it. I can see how victory dances like this are irritating to the non-winners. But I can't blame Serena. Man, if I'd played like that I'd want to yell, hop, and dance, too! She is only the second woman to complete a career Golden Slam. How do you NOT respond emotionally after something like that? And how many times have we seen other athletes do that victory fist pump? Why is that okay, but a little dance so wrong? I say, after a game like that Serena deserves to dance all she wants.

As for the "Crip Walk" -- after viewing a number of C-Walk videos on YouTube I still have no idea. According to the much-knowing, sometimes-wrong Wikipedia, a Crip Walk is a dance that has no association with the actual Crips gang. It's just that the dance is straight outta Compton, and Crips came from Compton, so... Anyway, guess who else comes from Compton? The Williams sisters. So I think they're entitled to do a C-Walk if they want to.

What did you think of Serena Williams' win -- and her dance?


Image via Heather McCall/Flickr

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