10 Facebook Moves to Get More Friends

Woman on FacebookEvery single day we're hearing about the things we shouldn't be doing on Facebook. You know, posting ridiculous photos, talking about getting wastey-face, putting up cryptic status updates, that sort of stuff.

But what about the things you should do? Come on -- many of us are totally addicted to the site as it is. We may as well be using it to our advantage, right?

Check out our list of 10 things you should definitely DO on Facebook:


1. 'Like' and 'like' often: Whether it's your favorite nail salon, store, or music artist -- liking pages opens up your entire world. Soon, you could be snagging great deals to some of your favorite spots and insider info all because you clicked 'like.'

2. Post a workable email address: One of the best things about Facebook is being able to reconnect with lost friends easily. Having a working email address enables those people to get into contact with you using a method that's a little more reliable than the standard FB message. 

3. Post your birthday: As long as the notifications are disabled on your cellphone, it's sorta fun to have everyone wishing you the best on your special day.

4. Join groups: Groups are a super easy way to communicate with circles of friends, colleagues, alumni networks, or whoever you want. Just make sure to pay attention to the left hand side of your screen to check for new updates.

5. Claim offers: By far one of my favorite things on Facebook lately is the fact that popular merchants are offering discounts with "Facebook Offers." Just the other day I claimed an offer for 50 percent off at Ann Taylor loft. How awesome, right?

6. Check-in: Checking in at different locations allows people to see where you're at and give you suggestions. If you check in at a great restaurant, for example, you can have suggestions of what's good on the menu in minutes!

7. Have a default picture: The last thing people want to see when they go to check out your page is the standard blue shadow of a non-existent man. I'm not saying your default has to be of you (it could be of your kiddos!), but make it something ... anything!

8. Don't just lurk, interact: Engage on Facebook. That's what it's for!

9. Post pictures of your kids: But don't go crazy. People wanna see how gorgeous your little ones are, and they want you to tell them theirs are cuties, too.

10. Watch for birthday announcements: Facebook is the easiest way to keep track of the birthdays of your friends and family. A quick breeze through every morning will take you all of 30 seconds, and hopefully you'll never forget an important date ever again.

What do you like to do on Facebook?

Image via Victor1558/Flickr

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