NBC Olympics Wardrobe Malfunction Perks Up the Summer Games (VIDEO)

Olympics nip slipWell, this is what we all get, right? After complaining my face off about NBC's delayed coverage of the Olympics and how we want more live competition, they go ahead and air the U.S. vs. Spain women's water polo match live on August 1. Lo and behold, someone from the U.S. team seemed to grab the swimsuit of her opponent and proceeded to pull it down so that we all got a load of a little nip slip.

Of course, NBC just happened to be broadcasting underwater at that point in time.

Maybe water polo is the next women's beach volleyball. Have you watched a match? So many crevices and cracks (sorry) ... and now boobs, I guess. Wow, what did I just say?


A little side boob action, a little nipple, this is definitely the karma that NBC gets for continually screwing up their coverage of the Olympics, I suppose. They prove that you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

Still, it wouldn't be an Olympics without some wardrobe malfunctions, amirite? And, okay, it really wasn't that big of a deal and it lasted for a second. There definitely are far worse things than getting a load of an extremely athletic woman's side boob. I feel kind of gross that I'm still talking about this. And that this is news. So please, feel free to check out the footage, and the somewhat really gross commentary, for yourself. Seriously, what is it about men and nipples?:

Do you think it's funny NBC committed this gaffe after all the abuse it's getting about its coverage?


Image via ThatKindOfMan/YouTube

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