Ryan Lochte Was Born to Swim -- Not Talk (VIDEO)

ryan lochteRyan Lochte is fast. Ryan Lochte is hot. Ryan Lochte is a winner. But can Ryan Lochte string a sentence together? Not so much. The poor guy doesn't know how to give an interview to save his life. As you'll see in the video, the gold medalist has a little trouble when it comes to answering questions, and for the love of Poseidon, please, no one quiz him on his times table. This mashup of Ryan's less-than-perfect interview moments will make you laugh, cringe, and praise god that swimming requires zero communication skills.


Poor Ryan needs some more training if he's going to be on land, and talking.

Sigh. To cleanse your palette, click here to see Ryan in all his glory.

What do you think of Ryan's interview, uh, skills?


Photo via DorseyShaw/YouTube

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