Woman Misses Marriage Proposal at Wrigley Field While Making a Beer Run (VIDEO)

wrigley field proposal

Have you ever witnessed a proposal at a ball game? You know, where the words "Will You Marry Me?" flash on the JumboTron and the crowd starts jumping up and down and cheering when the camera pans to the guy getting down on one knee and the girl crying and nodding her head?

Well, that's what one man named Greg expected to happen at Wrigley Field after he proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the game -- but there was one huge setback that almost foiled his romantic plan entirely.


You see, his girlfriend Erica decided she wanted to run and get a couple of cold beers -- and the proposal flashed on the big screen during the few minutes when she was at the concession stand. (D'oh!)

Take a look at the video to see this poor guy's reaction when he realizes making a beer run ruined his proposal!

Greg looked pretty panicked, so it's a good thing it all worked out in the end and Erica said yes. It would've been such a shame if they'd wound up sitting there through the rest of the Cubs game without that message flashing on the screen again! (And I'm sure Greg would've made a bit of a stink about getting his money back.)

Do you know anyone who had a ballpark proposal?


Image via KRTV

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