Ryan Lochte’s American Flag Grill Shows Off His Fun, Sexy Side (VIDEO)

Ryan LochteI have a confession: I may or may not have this major "OMG" crush on U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, like, everyone does. I mean, it'd be sort of weird if you watched the 400-Meter Individual Medley and didn't get a little turned on. Holy speed. Holy agility. Holy ABS.

The Lochtenator has been tearing up the pool over in London, and I love him even more because he's trying to have a little fun with this whole 'lympics gig. Apparently, he wanted to break out his custom American flag grill (read: teeth-covering bling blang) on the podium after winning the IM, but Olympic officials informed him that wearing the grill would mean he'd be sacrificing the gold medal. Eeeek, no bueno.

Come ON, party poopers. Lochte's just trying to have a little fun!


I'm thinking the punishment here wouldn't exactly be equal to the crime. I mean god forbid that someone tries to have a little bit of fun after winning a gold medal. In my eyes, Lochte is acting the way an Olympic athlete should act. The kid's, excuse me -- ahem -- man's grill looks like an American flag, for crying out loud! If Lochte wanted to wear an American flag kilt and dance around to Springsteen's "Born in the USA," I say let him be. I'd definitely want to do some celebrating after a big win like that!

Kudos to Ry for keeping his cool in the situation and putting his bling away (temporarily). Wanna do some Lochte gawking? Ha. Of course you do. Check out his Olympic stats so far, here:

Are you a Lochte fan? Do you think he should have been allowed to wear his grill?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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