Samuel L. Jackson's Olympics Twitter Play-by-Play Is Solid Gold

Samuel JacksonI didn't watch the Olympics this weekend, but now I know which social media outlet I should have been following for a fantastic play-by-play of the prime time events. If only I'd been plugged into this particular Twitter feed, I could have enjoyed some off-the-cuff -- and at times, deeply passionate -- observations of the handball, gymnastics, swimming, archery, and badminton competitions. No, I'm not talking about a professional sports commentator, I'm talking about Samuel L. mothereffing Jackson.

Who knew our favorite Pulp Fiction/Avengers/Snakes on a Plane/billion-other-movies star was so into the Olympics? And who knew he'd spend the weekend live-tweeting the events in classic Samuel L. fashion, and that the results would be so ridiculously awesome?


If you've ever wondered what Mr. Jackson thought about water polo ("dope"), how the Americans did on the sync diving scores (got "boned"), or the scoring on the gymnastics balance beam events ("wanna put foot to those judges asses"), he was quite prolific this weekend. Here's a look at a few of his more memorable Olympics-related tweets:

The unlikely combination of Samuel L. Jackson + Olympics commentary got me thinking about what other celebrity/news event social media mashups might be a joy to read. For instance:

• Kim Kardashian sharing her reaction to the Higgs boson announcement

• Christopher Walken live-tweeting Toddlers & Tiaras

• Charlie Sheen providing political commentary during the Democratic convention

Lady Gaga discussing which stocks she's watching today, based on their fourth-quarter profit numbers

• Gary Busey's exhaustive Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion review

Look, I'm not saying the world needs these things, I'm saying they would be awesome.

In the meantime, I'm going to check back in with Sam Jackson -- I'm hoping he jumps back online for some more in-depth Olympics coverage this week. In his words: "Dayummmm! Go USA!"

Have you been watching Samuel Jackson's Olympics tweets?

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