'Call Me Lochte' Spoof Will Tick Off Michael Phelps Fans (VIDEO)

spoofFans are showing Ryan Lochte some major love. The sexy swimmer is the subject of the latest "Call Me Maybe" parody to hit the web. The awesomely cute "Call Me Lochte" is the best spoof of the summer hit I've seen so far.

Sorry Michael Phelps. You may have dominated the Beijing games (taking home more medals than anyone in history), but London is clearly Lochte's time to shine. He's already nabbed the gold, beating Phelps and everyone else in the men's 400.

Phelps must be bummed. Well, this video won't make him feel any better. But Lochte fans will LOVE it.

Check out the fantastic "Call Me Lochte" spoof here:


What do you think of the "Call Me Lochte" video?

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