5 Mom Olympians Who Are Living Their Dreams in the Summer Olympics (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Jul 30, 2012 Good News

Kerri WalshHave you been glued to your TV watching the Summer Olympics since the festivities started last Friday? Let me guess -- you'd love to tune in and watch as many events as possible, but as a busy mom, there really just isn't enough time to relax and watch the London games.

Moms definitely give new meaning to the term "multi-tasking," but the next time you feel like you've got your hands full, think about a few of the Olympic athletes who are competing for gold medals this summer who also happen to be moms just like us. (How do they juggle it all?!)

U.S.A. volleyball player Kerri Walsh is not only amazing at her sport, but she also manages to keep up with her two boys -- even if it means bringing them along to training with her.

And have you heard about the Malasian Olympian who is 8 months pregnant and still competing this summer? Talk about dedication!

Take a look at these photos to see four other moms who are tackling parenthood and the Olympics this summer.

Do Olympic moms inspire you to live your dreams?


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