Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Gets Lazy & Almost Blows It for America

Michael PhelpsWelp, that was embarrassing. But not nearly as embarrassing as it could have been if U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps had actually failed to come in last place in the mens' 400 meter qualifying heat today. So he's still in the Olympics, but boy that was close. Ohh the suspense!


After all the build-up Phelps gets, and his stellar performances at the previous Olympics, nobody saw this little cliff-hanger coming. Most people thought he would qualify no problem. This guy is a six-time Gold medalist. He's just three medals away from winning the most medals in an Olympics ever. Watch the clip below to see how much we build him up as this unstoppable swimming champion. Which he is ... but ... it just goes to show how quickly the tables turn if you have an off morning, like Phelps clearly did.

I didn't expect those guys to go that fast in the heats. I think the only thing that matters is getting a spot. You can't get the gold medal from the morning.

Doesn't instill a whole lot of confidence, does it? Now who knows? If is performance this morning is any indication, maybe he's not going to just swim right in and take medals in every single event like everyone expects. But honestly, what a great lesson for our nation of entitled youth. Winning the grand prize is not something you automatically deserve. Nothing is a guarantee, and you can never underestimate your opponent. Don't come off your came for even a moment. A few seconds off and you lose.

Hopefully this is the wake-up call Phelps needs to start kicking some major swimming butt out there in the pool. USA! USA! C'mon, Michael! Get that work ethic you are so famous for back. The nation is counting on you, dude.

Were you squirming in your seat while watching Phelps in the the qualifyer?

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