5 Inspiring Olympic Ads That Bring the World Together (VIDEOS)

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You guys, I just watched a bunch of Oympics commericals and they've reduced me to a teary ball of mush. And the games haven't even begun, yet! The theme of the commercials this year seems to be "we are all part of the Olympics" -- maybe that's the theme every time? Well anyway, I love it. And I'm totally stoked for the games, now.

Here are five of my favorite commercials so far. Keep an eye out for them in the next couple of weeks, or maybe even tonight during the opening ceremonies!


Just like with the Olympics, we're starting this roundup with a party. Here's DJ Mark Ronson orchestrating the sounds and sights of runners all over the world and other athletes with the vocal stylings of Karen B. to create an undeniable beat -- a fusion of music and sport. "Anywhere in the World" is the 2012 London Olympic anthem. By Coca-Cola.

Aren't you excited now? Here's Morgan Freeman (for Visa) to remind us of the way fans move Olympic athletes harder, faster, stronger. Go us! And U.S.A.!

Just to remind us of how LIFE is an Olympic event. "Find Your Greatness," says Nike. They're not an official sponsor so they're kind of sneaking in here. But as a viewer? I don't care. I just think this rocks.

And speaking of athletes everywhere, this commercial for the Paralympics will make your heart grow three sizes bigger today. So inspiring. 

Finally, my favorite: The "Pandering to Moms" commercial by P&G. Hey, I love it -- pander away! This commercial had me in tears. Watch as moms all over the world feed, tend, clothe, encourage, heal, and love their young athletes. HERE'S TO WHAT YOU FREAKIN' DO ALL DAY, MOMS!

Were you moved by any of these Olympic commercials?

Image via ProcterGamble/YouTube

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