Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Meet Ridiculously Photogenic Exterminator

Some people are blessed with the ability to look fabulous no matter what they're doing. Take runner Zeddie Little. In April, someone snapped a photo of him on a 10-mile run. He should have looked tired. Or sweaty. Or anything other than what he did look like -- which was like he just came out of the salon and was posing for a Brooks Brothers ad. So the Internet appropriately dubbed him "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy," and he went viral. But I doubt even Zeddie could make wrangling various critters whilst in a plain brown exterminator suit look sexy. Enter David Seerveld, the world's most ridiculously photogenic exterminator!


David, who has brown hair, hazel eyes, an athletic build, and one helluva way with a possum, posted a bunch of photos of himself in varying degrees of ridding people's homes of pests. And he looks so cute doing it. Like the critters are his friends. There's him and a whole possum family. There's him and a snake. There's him and an armadillo. He operates out of Florida, critter capital of the world, so he probably never runs out of a reason to look hot while wrangling a weird animal out from under your porch.

I don't know how it is that some people have the ability to look photogenic no matter what they're doing. It took me years to figure out how to take a good photo -- the right angle, chin up (otherwise I have a slight double chin), my good side, etc. I look better smiling than serious. I have to cock one eyebrow slightly or my lid droops. I could go on and on.

But David? Behold him scruffing two possums, one in each hand. You'd think he was holding up two Olympic gold medals. And him with that icky bat? Looks like he's holding up a sunset. You're just born with it, I tells ya. You either got it or you ain't.

Whether or not Eddie goes as viral as Ridiculously Photogenic Guy or Ridiculously Photogenic Dog depends in large part, I think, on how many bloggers want to type out "ridiculously."

Are you photogenic?


Image via Glen E Wilson/Flickr

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