5 Summer Olympics Scandals That Have Already Made Headlines

Olympic Tower
Olympic Tower
It's only natural to expect some crazy news to come out about certain athletes (and politicians) before an event such as the Olympics, in which so many famous folks are competing on the world stage. But I didn't really expect this much insanity before the Opening Ceremonies even aired!

Now that the incredible Opening Ceremonies have come and gone, it's been interesting to think of everything that's happened already. Can't even begin to imagine what's going to take place during these next two weeks, but I for one will be sure to tune in.


From athletes' sexcapades to a Mitt Romney gaffe to drug testing to an athlete getting booted for a Tweet, let's take a look back after watching the Opening Ceremonies last Friday night to the headline-making scandals leading up to the Big Games. Because ... why not!

Will President Obama jump on the Mitt Romney mistake? Will the Olympics be able to fly the correct flags during the medal ceremonies? Will Voula Papachristou make crazy, ridiculous criticisms about the Games on Twitter? I certainly can't wait to find out! After remembering what's happened already, I'm so pumped for these next two weeks to see the next big headline.

Which of these scandals were you most interested in?


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