Lady Gaga's Naked Pic Reminds Us of Celebrity Tweets We Hate the Most

lady gaga
Yes, she's wearing underwear!
*The following sentences are meant to be read completely monotone.
Hey, guess what you guys? Lady Gaga posted a naked photo of herself to her social networking site, Whoa. Isn't-that-crazy?

No. It's not crazy. To be honest, I find it rather derivative. Of herself. Of other celebrities. And of the entire social-networking universe, particular Twitter, at large. Enough with the naked(ish) tweets. How about a little mystique for chrissake? The fact that all these celebs even have Twitter accounts at all seriously decreases their mystique factor. But tweeting salacious photos of themselves to boot? I mean, geez, why don't they just invite us to live with them as their diary stenographers.

I get that we live in a world of chronic over-sharing, but there has to be a line when it comes to celebrity tweeting. Here are 5 of the most annoying types of celebrity tweets. 


The aforementioned naked/semi-naked tweet. I mean, we all know that the majority of celebrities are more narcissistic than most, but these kinds of photos take things to a new level. (Especially when followed up with the occasional complaint about "not having any privacy.")

The "no makeup" tweet. Yes, you look good "without makeup" (AKA "without heavy makeup"), but we all know that there was just a full-on iPhone photoshoot in really good lighting after getting your hair blown out.

The pictures of food tweets. I love that we're now a culture obsessed with food and cooking and whatnot, but the world doesn't need to see a photo of the Baja Fresh burrito Justin Bieber is enjoying. We need to eat it.

Only taking pictures in Instagram/Hipstamatic. I'm just saying that there have been plenty of advancements in camera phones over the past few years. Every photo doesn't need to appear like it was taken in 1976.

The complete and total non-tweet. I 100 percent get that 99 percent of tweets are more or less about nothing, but some are just ridiculous. Yes, we have an unsettling interest in what celebrities are doing -- banal things and all -- but there needs to be a line. (I'm looking at you, Kim Kardashian.) Maybe skip tweets like "SoOoOoO sleeeeeppppyyy!", "Ready for the gym!!!!", and "Old 90210 reruns -- LOVE!" Save up for something more interesting. Like what you're having for dinner.

What kinds of celebrity tweets do you find annoying/ridiculous?

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