Cal Ripken's Mom Abducted & There's Only One Person to Blame (VIDEO)

Cal RipkenThis has certainly been a very scary week for Cal Ripken, considering his 74-year-old mom was abducted from her home in Maryland, driven away in her own vehicle, and found about 24 hours later with her hands tied behind her back.

Violet Ripken is thankfully safe and was not hurt by her abductor, but the incident has no doubt left her, as well as her family members, scared and shaken.


And as soon as she was kidnapped, I'm sure the first thing that went through Cal Ripken's mind was that his celebrity sports status must have been the motive for why this man chose to target his mother -- because he wanted to score some sort of ransom money out of him.

And I can't even imagine the guilt that must have come over him, but now that his mom is back home safe and sound, it looks like Cal has absolutely no reason to blame himself for what happened.

There's a very good chance that the abductor didn't even realize he had taken the mother of one of the most famous men in baseball. First of all, he never mentioned Cal's name during the entire time he had Violet held hostage. And he also never contacted Ripken for any sort of ransom. Instead, he drove around in Mrs. Ripken's Lincoln all day with her in the back seat -- and he stopped for gas a few times. He did wind up taking her credit cards and using them, but so far it looks like this case is shaping up to be a random attack on an older woman he believed had money. The kidnapper is the only person to blame here -- period.

However, Cal should still have his guard up, because the suspect hasn't yet been caught by police. He's being described as "armed and dangerous," and is a white male in his late 30s/early 40s. 

You can hear more about what happened to Violet Ripken in this video clip.

Do you think this sounds like a random kidnapping?


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