Australian Hurdler's Adorable Warmup Dance Gets Her a Creepy Offer (VIDEOS)

Michelle JennekeWho would have thought a couple seconds of dancing would make you the next Internet sensation? That's what happened with Australian runner Michelle Jenneke, who did a "sexy dance" before competing in the hurdles at the IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona.

I'm not gonna lie. The girl is fine. Many of us would kill for those abs. And it's great seeing an athlete warm up in such a fun, casual manner. It was an original way to stand out, that's for sure!

Of course, this brings up the inevitable debate of whether we're sexualizing female athletes or if this is empowering them, blah blah ... eh, who cares! This girl's happiness is contagious, and it's great to see someone who loves what they're doing. And not only that, she won the race!


Here's the video:

Cute, huh? Well, of course you can count on the Internet to take things to a creepy level. This video of her dancing in slow motion with a really weird guy in the background making gross faces already has over a million hits. On top of that, the 19-year-old got an offer from to pose nude. I guess you're not a true Internet celebrity until something like this happens, right?

Sigh. Nice editing job, but otherwise ... kinda pervy. Now that is definitely sexualizing, wouldn't you say?

You gotta wonder if Michelle is shocked by all this attention. Honestly, I don't know what to make of all of this! Is it a sad commentary on female athletes nowadays or do people just like seeing a hot woman enjoying herself and having fun? We'll see if this is just the start of "sexy dances" in warmups now. Too bad she's not competing in London this summer!

Are you surprised that this video has gotten so popular? What do you think of the creepy version?


Image via Adam CM/YouTube

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