Chocolate Instagram Photos Are a Delicious Way to Share Pics (VIDEO)

cocoagraphMy Instagram feed is all food, all the time. For some reason (gee, I don't know why ...), everyone I follow is obsessed with photographing their food. Seriously -- it's like ten food photos for every one "cute kid" photo. Not that I mind. Just about everything looks delicious. If only I could actually lick some of those Instagram photos ...

Oh you know what's coming: NOW YOU CAN! Introducing Cocoagraph. You send them a JPEG, they send you little Polaroid-sized chocolate bars with your image printed on them. And yes, of course they'll take your Instagram photos and magically turn them into chocolate bars. Check it out.


Mmmm, me eat family portrait. Nom.

Now printing cool, complicated images on chocolate is not that new -- but it's kind of always been more something people get done for weddings and events. But now any fool with a credit card and a smartphone (like me!) can get one of these made.

More importantly, it's the ultimate convergence of food, photography, and oversharing technology! No really, I love this idea. I mean, wouldn't you love to get one of these as a birthday card? And if you really wanted to mess with your mind you could take a picture of chocolate, Instagram it, send it to Cocagraph, and then eat it. OMG, eating a chocolate picture of chocolate! Help, I'm getting sucked into a food/media wormhole but it's sooooo deliciouuuuuuuusssss ...

What kind of image would you like to see turned into a chocolate edible photograph?


Image via Rae Vitorelli/YouTube

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