Tom Brady Hair Envy Pushes One of His Teammates Over the Edge (VIDEO)

Wes WelkerWell, it looks like Tom Brady's luscious long locks must have finally intimidated one of his fellow teammates to the point of no return -- because New England Patriots player Wes Welker just got himself a hair transplant.

Yep, a hair transplant -- as in he underwent a procedure where doctors "transplanted follicles to an area of Welker's scalp where his hair had started to thin." (Ouch.)


And Wes is so pleased with his new 'do that he's even agreed to star in ads for the same treatment he received from Hair Transplant Associates. (Dude has nothing to be ashamed of, so why not?)

At only 31 years old, it's totally understandable for Wes to be kind of self conscious about having a bald spot. But I just can't help but think that having to live in Tom Brady's shadow season after season somehow made him a little bit jealous of just how much attention Tom receives for his good looks. And maybe -- just maybe, he wanted a little piece of the media pie too, so he decided to go ahead and get plugs put in.

Of course, now that Wes has himself a fresh new head of hair, he really can't give Tom a hard time about his different hairstyles over the years, as he did in this video clip. (Something tells me Tom now has more than enough material to give it right back to him if he pokes fun at him again.)

Do you think Tom's healthy hair is powerful enough to drive someone to get a transplant?


Image via 5minmedia

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