Penn State Students Shouldn't Have to Pay for Their Coaches' Sins (VIDEO)

Beaver Stadium Penn StateAs if the entire Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal wasn't horrific enough, Penn State University is now being subjected to the ultimate punishment from the NCAA, who just gave Penn State a $60 million fine and a four-year postseason ban. The football program has also been stripped of all wins from 1998-2011, which is definitely a huge blow to all of the athletes who proudly played for the team during those years.

And aside from making all of those players feel like every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears was all for nothing, current and future football players at Penn State are also being penalized for crimes that they had absolutely nothing to do with.


The NCAA is pulling 10 initial football scholarships and will also pull 20 more scholarships every year for four years. And for the life of me, I just can't understand how taking away these scholarships from kids who may not have any hope of receiving a college education otherwise is going to do anything to change or excuse what happened to those poor boys who were abused by Jerry Sandusky.

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How on earth is punishing all those players going to make up for Sandusky's actions or the negligence demonstrated by Joe Paterno and other high-ranking university officials?

I mean, I can totally understand taking those wins away from Paterno to ensure that he will never be remembered as the "winningest coach in college football history," but why is it necessary to ruin the football records of all those players? Odds are good that they are already devastated and ashamed over what happened, so why make things worse by insinuating that they did something wrong simply by playing for the team?

It just seems crazy that the NCAA couldn't come up with some sort of solution that punished those who turned a blind eye to those unspeakable acts without crushing the hopes and dreams of more innocent kids.

Take a look at this video clip to hear more about the NCAA punishment.

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What do you think would be a better punishment for Penn State -- or do you agree with what the NCAA is doing?


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