Torch Bearer's Misspelled Olympic Tattoo Makes Americans Look Stupid (VIDEO)

Misspelled olympic tattooAs a copy editor who has a healthy appreciation for all things grammar- and language-related, misspellings on tattoos truly crack me up in a sad, pathetic way. So I heaved a sigh when I read about Terri Peterson (a couple outlets are saying her name is "Jerri"), a resident from Atlanta, Georgia, who got the honor to be an Olympic torch bearer

Terri got to carry the torch through Derby in England on June 30 -- she was nominated as one of 70 international employees selected by her employer to be part of such an honorable event. So, to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Peterson decided to get her first ever tattoo. It didn't go well.

There is almost nothing as permanent as a tattoo, and it costs thousands of dollars to fix ... you'd think you'd be as careful as possible. Instead of "Olympic Torch Bearer," the tattoo artist wrote, "Oylmpic Torch Bearer." Oh, this poor woman. And she didn't even seem to mind very much! That makes me even sadder.


Since I am such a stickler for spelling, having something permanently misspelled on my skin would have made me furious (I know you can get them removed nowadays, but come on). Not so for Terri. She claims the tattoo artist felt terribly, but she didn't take him up on his offer to fix it!

"He felt so bad when he found out. He wanted to fix it but I decided I want to keep it. It's fine. It's the Oy-limpics -- it's as unique as I am."

What? That was ... just ... um?

I'm sad for the artist for never noticing, as well as for Peterson for not seeing it and correcting him before having the typo etched into her skin. On top of that, the error was pointed out to Peterson by her friend, who noticed it after she sent a photograph of the tattoo! I guess it doesn't matter if Peterson looked at the stencil and approved it first -- she would have missed it anyway? Gahh!

This is definitely not how we want to show off our education on the global stage. Maybe getting a tattoo should be a little more like driving ... you gotta take a test first!

What do you think of misspelled tattoos? Have you seen any funny ones?


Image via Beanyman62News/YouTube

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