Die-Hard Jay-Z Fan Emails Him for More Than 2 Years Without a Reply

Sending Jay-Z an EmailDavid Johnson has sent more than 262 emails to the same person since March 2010. In them, he talks about his family, ambitions, and career. He sends pictures, song lyrics, whatever he feels like. The person he's sending these emails to? Get this: the one and only Jay-Z

Yup, Johnson and Jay, they're pen pals. Except well, not really. In fact, Jay has never responded to a single message. Allegedly the man has Jay's ACTUAL email address, and has been carrying on a one-sided conversation for more than two years now.

So how does he know that it's Jay Z's actual email? Well, he doesn't. Except thanks to a fancy shmancy tracker/receipt thingamajig, Johnson knows that the emails have been opened. Not just that, but opened in locations Jay-Z's set to perform in hours before he hits the stage. Sounds legit, I'd say.

It makes me wonder: What would you do if you had the email address of one of your most idolized stars? Would you use it? I would, hands down.


I'm gonna go along with the assumption that, yes, Johnson has Jay-Z's actual email address. So what if he isn't answering his messages? The important part, I think, is that Jay-Z is reading them. Jay is a man of massive power. Whether or not he responds, I'd say that the fact that he's seeing what Johnson has to say is a victory. What if something Johnson says in an email inspires some lyrics one day? With the sort of stage Jay-Z has, knowing that something you say could have an impact on him is a huge thing. And of course there's always that small possibility: What if ONE day, Jay-Z write back? That alone would keep me writing forever. 

There are a whole slew of people I wouldn't mind one-sided emailing. Justin Timberlake for one, mostly because I think he's hilarious and beautiful. I'd email Julia Roberts to ask what it's like to lay with Richard Gere in bed. I'd email Billy Joel and tell him that his music has shaped my entire life. What would I say after that first message? Well ... I'm not so sure.

Hey, someone wanna hook me up with one of their email addresses? I'll report back, I promise.

Whose email address would you love to have?


Image via Banjo Brown/Flickr

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