Penn State Students Trying to Protect 'Joe Paterno' Are Excusing His Negligence (VIDEO)

Joe Paterno statueA couple of students at Penn State University are hell bent and determined to protect Joe Paterno's legacy, and that's why they have started a vigil to protect the famous Joe Paterno statue on campus from being vandalized or taken down.

The two students, who are both seniors, Mike Elliot and Kevin Berkon, became worried after a plane flew over Penn State earlier this week with a banner that read, "Take the statue down or we will."

And I can't help but wonder if either of these guys realizes exactly what they're doing, because by protecting that statue, they are basically excusing the fact that Joe Paterno did absolutely nothing to help those poor boys who were abused by Sandusky.


Paterno could've reported Sandusky's actions to police if he really wanted to, but he cared more about the reputation of his beloved football team than he did about innocent children who were forced to suffer through unimaginable abuse from a man they should've been able to trust.

Doesn't it seem ironic that these students are so eager to protect that statue of Joe Paterno, when he obviously had zero interest in protecting the real life human victims who were raped over and over again?

If anything, they should be ashamed and embarrassed by everything that statue represents, and should be leading the call for it to be removed from the campus. As long as it remains, Penn State will never be able to come out from under the Sandusky black cloud that is sure to hover over the school for many years to come.

But maybe if the victims are showed the respect they deserve and Paterno's lack of action is acknowledged by the removal of the statue, Penn State can somehow manage to salvage a small part of its reputation.

Check out this video to hear more about whether or not the statue will be removed.

Do you think the Joe Paterno statue should be taken down? Why or why not?


Image via audreyjm529/Flickr

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