5 Most Humiliating Email Blunders & How to Avoid Them

textingHave you ever sent an email and literally a half second later thought, "Oh sh*t, did I send that to the wrong person?!" Depending on what was in the message, that mistake could cause you BIG TROUBLE. Then you're left doing major damage control. 

Well, imagine if the message was sent to the wrong person and it's not even your fault. That's what happened to a bunch of Skype users whose instant messages appeared in the wrong inboxes because of a mystery bug. Microsoft said they plan to send out a software update to fix the glitch.

This one can't be blamed on human error, but there are tons of embarrassing messaging mistakes that are. Here are 5 common email, IM, and text blunders and how to avoid them.

  1. Sending a message to the wrong person. This one is easily avoided by adding the email recipient after you have written the message. That way, you are focused on the name -- the right name.
  2. Relying on auto-spell corrections. I sent a text message to a colleague with the greeting "Dear Kisha" and for some reason, it automatically corrected the name to read "Dear Lush." I pressed send before realizing the mistake, then had to send a second message to apologize for the mishap.
  3. Typing the crazy-pants rant. As a general rule, never type while ticked off. It's never going to lead you anywhere good. If you are upset with someone, take a minute -- or 30 -- to cool down. Then type a response or you may have realized it's not even worth it by then.
  4. Sending a super-sloppy email. We have a habit of typing up email messages at lightning speed and just pressing send. Remember, spell check won't catch a wrong word choice like "chunk" instead of "hunk." A mistake once in awhile is fine, but a three-line message with 10 typos is just ridiculous. Take 30 seconds to scan before you send.
  5. Knowing when not to send an email. Not every message should be delivered via email. Serious news is better done in person or at the very least on the phone. And remember, the reader is guessing the tone of your email. Sometimes things read snarkier than you intended.

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What email and texting goofs have you made?


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