The New iPhone Could Give You a Major Headache

iphoneUh-oh. Seems like those fancy shmancy types at Apple are trying to mix things up for us. Maybe it's because there was that whole crock of criticism when the iPhone 4S came out looking identical to its predecessor. Either way, sounds like the new new iPhone, the 5 or the 4S² or whatever they will call it, is going to look a bit different. How so? Well, Apple applied for a patent for what's believed to be the dock connector for the next iPhone, and it's MUCH smaller. In other words, the new phone will have a differently shaped charging port. OMG! ALERT THE AUTHORITIES! THE WORLD IS ENDING!

OK, breathe. The world is not ending. However, yes -- this means that you won't be able to use ANY of your favorite accessories (i.e. your iHome, car chargers, etc.).

Believe me though people, there is a bright side! Not sure what it is? Find out after the jump.


If the iPhone indeed adopts the smaller charging port, that means that the size of the iPhone can decrease dramatically. A thinner phone is a better phone, don't you think? Plus, who likes that massive hole looking thing in the bottom of their phone, eh? Not me! Things are always getting stuck there!

Another bright side: since everyone always has to get the latest and greatest from Apple -- you'll have so many great gift ideas for the holidays after the newest release. That third cousin you never know what to buy for? Hello new iHome! Unfortunately, this means that all of the accessory companies are going to have to jump on the bandwagon if the charging port indeed changes size, but hey, Apple has been dictating what they do for years now. Bring it on, Apple! Bring. It. On.

Would you be upset if Apple changed the size of the iPhone charging port? Would you like a thinner iPhone?


Image via Yutaka Tsutano/Flickr

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