8-Months Pregnant Olympian Deserves a Gold Medal Just for Showing Up

air rifleAmateur air rifle shooters have a lot to take into consideration before they pull the trigger. There's the distance, the wind, the angle, the humidity ... but for Malaysian Olympian Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi, there's another factor to be mindful of: baby kicks. When it comes time for Nur Suryani to compete in this summer's Games in London, she'll be eight months pregnant. The 29-year-old mom to be told The New York Times that training hasn't been hard, but it took a while to convince the government to let her compete in this "condition."

The IOC hasn't kept track of how many pregnant women have competed in the Games, but it's safe to say that Nur Suryani is one of the furthest along pregnant women that's ever gone for the gold. And what did YOU do today.


I feel pretty lame when I compare myself to Nur Suryani. I've neither made a baby, gotten a bull's eye, nor been honored to represent my country in the greatest sporting event of all time. This woman is like a superhero, and I bet seeing an eight-month pregnant woman with a gun is enough to intimidate definitely Robin, and probably Batman. I think she deserves her own D.C. series.

And in case you were wondering how she gets into shooting position with that protruding belly, she admits that it takes longer since she's pregnant, but that overall, it's helped her stability. She credits her weight-gain for a better sense of gravity.

When Nur Suryani's done shooting it up at the Olympics, I suppose she'll head home to shoot something else: a baby out of her body. Can't wait to cheer for her in the next few weeks -- anyone know how to say Go Nur Suryani, You Rock! in Malaysian?

What was the toughest thing you did while pregnant?


Photo via Anuj Biyani/Flickr

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