NFL Receiver Dez Bryant Arrested for Attacking ... His Own Mom?!

Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant
You expect to see some pretty weird NFL off-season stories when these athletes have all the time and money in the world to get into trouble. But Dez Bryant's latest headline-making arrest is definitely not weird -- it's just downright disturbing. The Dallas Cowboys receiver was arrested on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence from a conflict that allegedly happened last Saturday.

The Dallas Morning News crime blog reported: "Police said the Lufkin native grabbed his mother by the T-shirt, causing it and her bra to tear ... She said he then grabbed her by the hair and slapped her across the face with his ball cap."

According to police, she experienced pain and swelling from the assault. Bryant supposedly hit her after she asked him to leave after a loud argument.

I mean ... come on, seriously, what the hell?!?


I can't imagine the pain and anguish from being hit by a partner or by a parent -- but being assaulted by your own child must be one of the scariest feelings in the world.

And for those of you wondering, Bryant has had scuffles with the law before. He was thrown out of a mall in the Dallas area for using inappropriate language and wearing low-sagging pants. But he also made headlines due to an alleged altercation at a Miami Beach nightclub back in January; Bryant was never arrested.

But none of those compares to this! TMZ reports that on the 911 call, Angela, Bryant's mom, pleaded, "My son has assaulted me. He's here now. he won't go home. I keep telling him to go, he won't go." There was supposedly an argument in the background as she continued, "I can't let him keep doing me like this. I'm gonna put an end to it today."

Sounds like a ridiculously frightening situation, doesn't it? And what kind of man hits his own mother? You really can't get much lower than that. It's such a shame too ... the guy is only 23 years old. He was considered one of the best receivers in the 2009 NFL Draft and, when signing with the Cowboys, became a multimillionaire. And he may have just thrown it all away by getting arrested for hitting his own mom in one of the stupidest, most hot-headed decisions ever.

What do you think about Dez Bryant allegedly hitting his own mother? What should be done to him?


Image via Jovie & Mayra Griffith/Wikimedia

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