President Obama Booed for Missing Kiss Cam But More Than Makes Up for It (VIDEO)

Obama Kiss CamWhen President Obama and his wife Michelle ventured out for a fun night to catch the US-Brazil men's basketball exhibition game, the last thing he probably thought would ever happen was that he'd be booed by the audience ... due to a faux pas with the Kiss Cam. Yep, we sports fans take your moment on the Kiss Cam really seriously. If you do not kiss, we will boo.

With Vice President Joe Biden and former White House aide Reggie Love in tow at the Verizon Center in DC, the President and First Lady broke so many hearts when they failed to pucker up when the camera was focused on them. I mean, what the heck were they thinking?

But, as usual, there's more to this story than meets the eye. And everyone ended up happy in the end, even if they had to usher back in the pool reporter in order to catch the First Couple's blissful, PDA moment. And this is the best part of the YouTube era ... everything was caught on tape!


Turns out, from various reports, the President was not rejected by Michelle or intentionally gave the Cam the cold shoulder. They supposedly had no idea the Kiss Cam was even on them the first time around. Regardless, Twitter immediately erupted -- folks as famous as CNN anchor Wollf Blitzer noted: "At USA-Brazil basketball, @Barack Obama & @MichelleObama were just on big screen kisscam but no kiss."

Let the booing commence! Maybe the President was spending too much time canoodling with Michelle and checking out her really toned arms because he just simply missed the cute photo op. But of course, when the Kiss Cam panned on them yet again, they more than made up for it in a sweet, "totally improvised" moment.

Here's video of them first missing the Kiss Cam and then their shot at redemption:

Okay, so it looks like they glanced up at the scoreboard for a second, but maybe it was before they realized they were featured on the Kiss Cam. Omg, will we ever know?! Yeah, I get it, I've spent way too much time thinking about this.

But their second chance on the big screen more than made up for it. Kind of even seems like they had Malia Obama looking out for the moment ... which goes to show how important the Kiss Cam truly is! After the kiss, apparently those in the audience started cheering, "Four more years!"

So, whew, another crisis averted, am I glad we've got that all figured out, and everyone can go back to their 9-5 in peace. Next time let's hope the President avoids the boos by paying better attention to the oh so scared Kiss Cam at the next sporting event.

Do you think the President and Michelle deserved the boos for missing the Kiss Cam?


Image via 5Min

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