5 Things You Should ONLY Say by Text Message

textingI'll admit it: I'm one of those people who prefers texting to talking. That's right -- call me impersonal, call me lazy, call me whatever you want, just don't CALL me, okay? Text me your criticisms instead. See, that's the whole beauty of text messaging -- stuff that's awkward/painful/humiliating to say/hear out loud is soooo much easier to type/read on a little screen. (No, I don't have a problem with confrontation, why do you ask?)

And while I agree that there are of course certain sentiments which really should not be expressed via text message, those are few and far between. Not only is it acceptable to let your thumbs do the talking most of the time, sometimes texting is actually your best communication bet.

Like when you have to say ...


Hey, so sorry I missed your baby shower/birthday party/rehearsal dinner/random social obligation! Got stuck at work; hope it was great!

No muss, no fuss. Apology and explanation all in one, with the added bonus of not having to hear about how great or not great the thing you never wanted to go to in the first place turned out to be.

Just remembered I never got my red sweater/iPod/cash/random missing item back from you! I'll swing by later to pick it up!

You're not accusing the person of stealing your stuff, you're just reminding the person that you know they still have it. They better still have it, anyway, since you'll be swinging by to claim your personal possession very, very soon.

Do I look like I've put on weight?

Don't put a good friend on the spot by asking this question in person! You'll never get an honest answer that way.

Happy birthday!

Okay, sometimes this is better said face-to-face. But if it's a Tuesday afternoon and you know you're going to grab a birthday drink with your pal over the weekend anyway and like either one of you has time to talk in the middle of the day?! Text.

Is it just me, or was so-and-so being weird last night?

Too tricky to pull off in person, believe me. If so-and-so really was being weird, that's one thing -- but maybe it WAS just you. What then? Where's that conversation going?

What do you ONLY say via text?


Image via jhaymesisviphotography/Flickr

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