Charlie Sheen Quits Twitter & 5 Other Celebs Who Should Too

Omigod, everyone, it looks like Charlie Sheen is leaving Twitter! For like, evvverrrrr. Last night, Charlie tweeted to his eight million followers:

reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out

Dogspeed is the Twitter/dog-loving/non-religious equivalent to "Godspeed," y'all. Anyway, Charlie told TMZ that he's quitting the social network because he feels like he's not "getting anything out" of it. He also said: "Trust me when I say please ‘follow’ me to my next endeavor. It’s gonna be epic."

Great balls of tweets, what will we do without Charlie on Twitter? Granted, he did seem to peak with his lunatic #biwinning and #tigerblood days. But with the debut of Charlie's new show Anger Management, you'd think he would have at least stuck around to promote it. But that's Charlie for ya, always going against the tide. Anyway, something tells me he'll be baaaaack!

Here are 5 other celebs who might want to join the exodus along with Charlie.


Ashton Kutcher

Ashton was one of the first celebs to rake in one million followers and he's considered the godfather of Twitter. But after tweeting that it was wrong to fire Joe Paterno, he handed the tweet reins over to his handlers. Now his tweets are usually banal promos for Two and a Half Men.

Demi Moore

If Ashton was the godfather of Twitter, his then-wife Demi was Mrs. Godfather. She stakes her claim to the social network as @mrskutcher and seemed to use it primarily to flirt with her hubby. But after his cheating scandal and their divorce, she went back to @justdemi and has been boring ever since.

Amanda Bynes

No one should be allowed to continue on Twitter after tweeting President Obama, asking him to take care of a DUI, as Amanda did.

Alec Baldwin

Like a spoiled kid, Alec quits Twitter after every real life temper tantrum -- first when he got booted off American Airlines, and then after his latest skirmish with a paparazzo. But he has strangely resurfaced, yet again, under ABFoundation

Kim Kardashian

Kim has over 15 million followers, but the only interesting thing about her tweets are the responses they get from haters, especially comedian Jenny Johnson.

Who would you like to see quit Twitter?

Image via Twitter

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