'DWTS' Pro Cheryl Burke Is on the Prowl for Hunky Athletes (VIDEO)

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When it comes to future contestants on Dancing With the Stars, professional dancer Cheryl Burke thinks more sports figures need to appear on the show to kick up the competition levels a bit. She said, "I'm excited to recruit more athletes to our show."

And judging from the fact that NFL star Donald Driver won the mirror ball trophy last season, it makes complete sense that Cheryl would be gunning for more athletes to trade in their uniforms for fancy ballroom dancing costumes. People who are extremely competitive definitely seem to have an advantage on the show -- and athletes are about as obsessed with winning as people get.


Cheryl also added, "We need a swimmer, we need a hockey player, we need a soccer player. I think [skier] Lindsey Vonn would be great, but I also think [swimmer] Michael Phelps would be amazing when he retires. Everyone has to move on, and I think DWTS is a great platform for the next step."

But aside from Cheryl's choices, there are some other pretty impressive athletes who would be very entertaining to watch on the show -- like David Beckham for example. OMG. Can you imagine how many more viewers would tune in to see Becks shaking it in a pair of skin-tight pants? (Yes, please!)

Or how about bringing Tim Tebow in for a spin around the dance floor? C'mon -- you know you'd love to see him let loose and show off his moves.

And you know who else would be a real crowd pleaser? Kendra Wilkinson's hubby, Hank Baskett. He's funny, good looking, and something tells me he'd be pretty impressive in a pair of dancing shoes too.

As far as female athletes go, wouldn't Danica Patrick be fun to watch? It would be cool to see her compete on the dance floor instead of the race track.

Here is a clip of Cheryl joking around with former L.A. Laker, Rick Fox. Doesn't she have great chemistry with athletes?

What athletes would you most like to see on DWTS?


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