Let's Just Rename It the SEX-Olympics

Hope SoloIt is going to be very difficult to watch the Summer Olympics on TV this year and not get totally distracted trying to figure out which athlete is sleeping with whom. Everything we've heard lately, and now Hope Solo's confession, makes the Games seem like one big drunken orgy. Maybe it's a secret ratings strategy to get more people to watch? It might work, since the only two sports worth watching are the equestrian events and soccer (and maybe gymnastics). Don't even get me started on the others, like swimmingzzzzz.

Maybe this is the spark that the Olympic Games needs to get people really paying attention? Or maybe it's just gross ...


The latest gossip from Hope Solo, U.S. women's soccer team goalie, makes me wonder how these people can even compete at all from all the extracurricular activities that supposedly go on after the cameras are turned off. They must be so tired! And hungover.

Breaux Greere, a javelin thrower, said he had sex with three women every day during the 2000 Olympics. Explains why athletes are always in such good shape! Carrie Sheinberg, a U.S. skiier, said a group of German bobsledders once offered her one of their gold medals in exchange for some "group fun," which at least was very sportsmanlike of them to offer.

And now Solo recently confirmed to ESPN pretty much all of that and provided a few more tidbits to wrap your mind around, like people having sex right out in the open, in the grass, between buildings. She herself even confessed to partying with that Wedding Crashers actor Vince Vaughn in her room, and smuggling another celebrity in later that night to party with the team. Which means she's right in the middle of the action and not ashamed to admit it.

I predict a new reality show coming out of all this: The Real Athletes of Olympic Village, or Loose in London, or Is That a Torch You're Carrying or Are You Just Happy to See Me? or ... oh, good grief.

The only thing that could make this worse is if someone tried to make stripper pole dancing an Olympic sport ... oh ... but wait. They have.

Does all this scandalous talk change your mind about watching the Olympics?


Image via JMR_Photography/Flickr

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