Watch Evan Rachel Wood Pierce Her Nose & 5 Other Celeb TMI Moments (VIDEO)

evan rachel woodThere's not much about Evan Rachel Wood that I get. She seems like one of those chicks who was really cool in school and smoked cigarettes against brick walls and had the hot history teacher's cellphone number. Certainly not anything I can relate to. Nowadays, the 24-year-old actress is still emitting the cool-girl vibe -- she posted a video showing her getting her nose pierced. Rad. The former True Blood star apparently isn't shy about stakes going through body parts and doesn't seem at all fazed by the new hole in her nose.

Thing is, though, I could've done without this video. In fact, I could do without these 5 other things celebs have shared online. TMI, people. TMI.

  1. Remember when John Mayer was all about Twitter? He once shared with everyone that his penis fell asleep. Rest assured, no one really wants to hear about sleepy phalluses.
  2. It's hard to pick just one because pretty much anything Courtney Stodden tweets makes me want to impale my eyeballs with long, hard, pulsing ... ah! She's gotten to me!
  3. Since everyone even remotely related to the Kardashian clan has their own blog, it's safe to say that anything they have their publicists write is just so not needed. With all their reality shows, commercials, endorsements, divorces, there's really no need to attack us on the Internet space, as well. 
  4. And then there's Katy Perry. The singer once shared a cartoon online of an anime character with nipple rings spewing period blood out of her vagina. I MEAN. 
  5. Jessica Simpson doesn't like seeing ball sack at the gym almost as much as we don't like hearing about her seeing ball sack at the gym.

In case you wanted to watch, here's Evan Rachel's nose piercing video.

What do you think celebs should not share online?


Photo via karaokeninja33/YouTube

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