Cat Video Lovers Are About to Have Their Wildest Fantasy Come True (VIDEO)

If you ask me, one of the best things to come out of the invention of the Internet isn't email or eBay, but cat videos! Yes, I'm a cat fanatic. However, the popularity of online cat videos shows that the rest of the world is, too. In fact, I have friends who claim they don't even like cats who watch cat videos. Unlike dogs, cats didn't quite get their due until the Internet. While one can see dogs outside playing, barking, and generally acting all dog-like, cat lovers tended to only see the cats in their own home. But the Internet opened up the cat-tastic world of cats to everyone. 


Cats generally make for better online viewing than dogs, and I'll tell you why. You pretty much know what to expect from a dog. It chases a Frisbee. It jumps in the pool. Ho-hum. Every once in a while a dog video shows a pooch doing something kind of cool, like singing or riding a surfboard. But otherwise it's all dog stuff we've seen before.

But cats?! Well, cats scale down the side of a refrigerator. Cats try to bully goldfish. Cats are scared of vacuum cleaners. Cats do much more complex, surprising, and entertaining things than dogs. Dog riding sidecar? Snooze.

Some of the all-time most popular videos on YouTube are cat videos. The "surprised" kitten (63 million views). The "ninja" cat (34 million views). I could go on all day, but I've got things to do.

Though I've taken some cat vids in my time, none of them have gone viral. Hey, not every kitty can be a star. But maybe your cat is different. Maybe she's the Madonna of cats. The Justin Bieber of felines. If so, take some video of your kitty playing piano, or doing somersaults, or whatever it is your supa-talented putty tat does, and send it into the world's first international cat video festival.

Details are below. Meow!

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