Watch 'Roger Federer' Get Turned On by '50 Shades of Grey' (VIDEO)

Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon's, er, Roger Federer's "tennis boner"Congratulations to Roger Federer on winning Wimbledon. Quite an accomplishment, wouldn't you say? But there is one thing far more awesome about the 30-year-old Swiss champion than his 800 career wins and the millions in his bank account.

That would be his accent.

And it's something that Jimmy Fallon makes so hilarious in his newest "At the Bar With Roger Federer" episode. Federer, from what we know about the "real" him, seems to be kind of a quiet, mysterious guy. Fallon helps clear any of this up "at da bar" by showing us how Federer exercises, what he thinks of his opponent Andy Murray ("he plays so good with da crying and da playing"), seeing Pippa Middleton, and how he gets a "tennis boner" from reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Yup.


Pretty funny, don't you think? I had always wanted to know what it'd be like to hang out at da bar with Roger Federer, and I'm so glad I had Jimmy Fallon to show me. Seems like a good time, though I'm not so sure I'd let him buy me a drink.

I know, I know, so maybe it's not the most accurate impression of a Swiss accent I've ever heard, but it's still freakin' entertaining nonetheless. To hear what Federer really sounds like, check out this interview after he won at Wimbledon:

Still, I'm so glad we got this rare glimpse of "de Federer" and that he gets turned on by smut just like the rest of us. Kudos to Jimmy Fallon for yet another hilarious sketch! Sigh. Time to get back to real life now.

What do you think of Jimmy Fallon's Roger Federer impression?

Image via latenight/YouTube

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