Celebrity 'Body Surfing' Tweets Look Hilariously Desperate (PHOTOS)

Heidi KlumFirst we had planking, then we had owling -- then there was Tim Tebowing, Scarlett Johanssoning, legbombing, and my personal favorite (only because I made my husband try it for humiliating photo purposes), leisure diving.

You'd think we'd all be done with the pose-based photo fads by now, but unfortunately there's a new self-portrait trend taking off on Twitter, and this one's being spearheaded by celebrities.

Unlike some of the legitimately creative photo-fad attempts of the past, "celebrity body surfing" is all about showing off A-lister assets.

No, not their acting abilities. Or, for that matter, their photography skills.


Heidi Klum is the latest celebrity to body surf her way to this trend, posting the following picture along with the comment that it was a "gorgeous day!"

Heidi Klum

Look how gorgeous it is! No, not the scenery, you idiot. MY BODY.

Heidi's hardly unique in her relentless pursuit for self-validation desire to tweet this particular position. Behold this majestic portrait from The Only Way Is Essex star Sam Fairers, who shared the opinion that she was "getting nice and brown":


Adrienne Curry isn't exactly known for her demure online images, so she naturally stepped it up a notch with a bit more action happening above the waistline:

Adrienne Curry

But the blue-ribbon winner in the Celebrity Bodysurfing Wars surely must go to Ice T's wife Coco and her Giant Camera-Eclipsing Bazongas:

Coco Austin

Uh, I think your vagina floss is showing.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like a nice toned well-polished partially-naked photo as much as anyone else, but I can't quite understand what celebrities are going for with these images. Maybe they're hoping to make a more intimate connection with fans with a 'candid' shot, but it's a wildly awkward pose that just ends up screaming of desperation. Look, I had to halfway sit up and aim my cellphone down my body at just the right angle to share this so LOVE ME AND MAKE MY EXISTENCE HAVE MEANING.

In conclusion, celebrities, if you're reading this, please stop with the bodysurfing. In order to illustrate my point about how silly you look, I've included this photo of my cat in the exact same pose.

I rest my case.

What do you think of celebrity 'body surfing' social media photos? Do you think they come off as sexy, or not so much?

Images via twitter/heidiklum, twitter/samfaiers, twitter/adriannecurry, twitter/cocoaustin, Linda Sharps

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