Lance Armstrong Files Own Lawsuit & Doping Scandal Gets Even Messier

Lance ArmstrongWell, I think it's safe to say this whole Lance Armstrong cheating scandal isn't going to go away anytime soon. Most recently, he filed a federal lawsuit to try and block charges that he used performance-enhancing drugs.

Looks as if Armstrong is claiming that, per the LA Times, "the USADA rules violate the constitutional right to a fair trial, and that Chief Executive Travis Tygart, who was named a co-defendant in the lawsuit, is waging a personal vendetta against Armstrong, who has consistently claimed his innocence."

Oh man. Sounds like a hot legalese mess to me. And I can't imagine that the situation is going to get any better for Armstrong as he tries to defend both his championships and entire cycling career.


Can you even begin to imagine how scandalous it'd be if Armstrong were stripped of his titles? He won the Tour de France every year from 1999 to 2005, and he had everyone cheering for him after his seemingly miraculous recovery from testicular cancer. And he's the only athlete who's ever won the Tour de France seven times. I mean, how many of us rocked those yellow Livestrong bracelets back in the day?

But how times have changed. If you'll remember, the USADA formally charged Armstrong in June with taking performance-enhancing drugs as well as being part of a huge doping conspiracy on his Tour de France teams. The anti-doping agency says his teammates are willing to testify against him and that it has blood samples that are "fully consistent" with doping.

At first I thought: Maybe Lance is filing this suit because he has something to hide and doesn't want anything to come to light. But as I read more, this is the part that struck me the most: Athletes are not allowed to subpoena documents or compel witnesses to testify in a hearing.

WTF? So maybe there is something behind Lance's lawsuit, even if you think he's guilty or not. Perhaps he's right in the sense that the agency's rules are designed to find athletes guilty.

This sounds like a complete mess and we may never know the truth behind Lance's alleged "cheating." It will be interesting to hear what the judge has to say about Lance's newest suit so we can speculate ourselves whether or not this is a witch hunt or journey to justice.

Has your opinion of Lance Armstrong changed since his Tour de France days? What do you think of this lawsuit?


Image via AngusKingston/Flickr

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