Malware Monday Could Make Your Internet Disappear -- Here’s What to Do

Are you reading this? Then congratulations! Why are you being congratulated? Well, first off, you have excellent taste in reading material. But also because it's Malware Monday! Today is the day that millions of people were scheduled to have NO Internet access. Ugh ... torture. Can you imagine? NO INTERNET ACCESS. Ahhhh! So why could you possibly not have online access today? It gets all techy, but here's the short version: The FBI (I'm not making this up) has been secretly (no, seriously) rerouting millions of Internet connections through their own servers because of a computer virus called DNS Changer. So those of you who have been wearing tinfoil on your head because you suspected the FBI had secretly taken over your computer ... you could have been right! Yay for tinfoil!


Today, Malware Monday, as it is catchily called, is the day that the FBI was going to stop carrying your Internet connection. Which means if you were affected by DNS Changer, you would now have no service, unless your provider had taken over rerouting your Internet access.

This all started with some hacker dudes who wanted you to go to sites where they got paid for your click, rather than letting you go to the site you actually wanted to go to. When the FBI discovered this, they basically took over your IP address router. Don't worry, they didn't look at your photos or emails (presumably!). They just made sure you got to the websites you wanted and not some fake site. But let's get to the point ... do you have this virus or no?

If you are online, you're probably okay. However, you can still check. Click on this DNS Changer virus checker. If you see green, you're in the clear. If you see red, you could be affected. Call your Internet provider and tell them.

I just checked and saw green, but the checker comes with a caveat that you could STILL be infected if your Internet provider is rerouting traffic. But most Internet providers are informing customers if they are affected.

Also, Google and Yahoo are telling people who are infected, so if you use a search engine and, instead of finding the site you want, you get a message that you're infected, well, believe them.

Were you affected by DNS?


Image via kodomut/Flickr

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