Olympians Gone Wild & What's Really Going On in the Olympic Village?

olympic villageWell, I guess Olympic athletes have been fooling us for years as to how much of their time is really spent resting & recuperating after competing in their events. A new book called The Secret Olympics was just written by a former British competitor who says the Olympic Village is running rampant with sex, drugs, and booze after the sun goes down each night.

Supposedly athletes make a point of taking full advantage of the supply of free condoms provided to villagers, and they also smuggle drugs and fill water bottles with alcohol to make sure they are able to get their party on when they return "home" from the day's events.


One anonymous female athlete told the New York Post, "At the Olympic Village, they call it 'Days of Glory.' These are the post-competition attempts to fill each remaining day at the Village with as much alcohol-drenched sex as possible."

(Ugh. Doesn't that make you curious as to how raunchy that place must smell each morning? Heat, sex, and people with booze oozing out of their pores isn't exactly the most tantalizing combination.)

While the words in the chapters of The Secret Olympics will probably come as a surprise to some die-hard fans of the games, I honestly don't see how this is any big shock. There's just no way you can have all of those athletic and attractive people who all have a competitive edge living in the same place without them engaging in a little (or a lot) of hanky panky behind the scenes.

Just think about the shenanigans that go down at (and after) college frat parties -- and then add in the fact that Olympic athletes don't have to worry about showing up for class the next morning, or making the Dean's list, for that matter. That's pretty much a perfect recipe for people getting totally loaded and hooking up with anything with a pulse.

And aside from the extreme partying being kind of a given, don't Olympic athletes deserve to let loose and have some fun considering how extremely regimented their lives are? They can't be expected to be perfect and grounded 100 percent of the time. As long as it doesn't affect their competition, what's the harm in partaking in a little bit of reckless behavior?

Are you really shocked to hear that Olympic athletes party like rock stars in the Village each night?


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