7 Most Annoying Internet Sensations (VIDEO)

The Internet has brought us so many awesomely amazing things: Online shopping! Email! Social media! Leaked nude photos of celebrities! CAT VIDEOS! But with the good comes the bad and it's also brought us some head-shakingly, hair-pullingly annoying things: Continuous Facebook updates on baby spittle! Pictures of people's lunch! Your uncle's horrible blog -- that he wants you to read and comment on! People who will no longer call you but will tweet you!

So here are 7 unbelievably annoying Internet sensations.


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Animal "rescue" videos. Some animal rescue videos are genuinely inspiring. But then you see a video of a kitten who just happens to be stuck in a drain pipe in the backyard and the family just happens to have the camera rolling when the firemen come to save it. Much like the "hero" dog who saved her puppy from the pool. Had no choice because the owner just stood there, filmed, and laughed!

Baby videos. Some of them are genuinely cute -- like the baby who giggled hysterically while daddy ripped up a job rejection letter. But most of them are boring. No, your kid crying relentlessly while torturing your family pet is not a viral star in the making.

Mash-ups. There simply cannot be a hit song without five million people doing a mash-up of it, and most of them are pretty awful. Obama's "Call Me Maybe" mash-up? Funny. Extra hosts "Call Me Maybe" mash-up? Annoying.

Fan fiction. Most of us who aren't into fan fiction have just heard about it thanks to the crossover into the analog world bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, which was originally Twilight fan fic. But hardcore sexual fan fic has been around for ages (X-rated X-Files anyone? It's out there). And it's always been bad.

Twitter RIP hoaxes. I think every major star has died on Twitter. Madonna, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Cher, Robin Williams. It's gotten so a celebrity could actually BE dead, but if it appears on Twitter, I don't believe it.

Memes. Memes and the Internet go together like a dial-up phone and your finger. And yet I'm not even totally sure what a freaking meme is. I think it's something, anything that goes around the Internet that you end up seeing 50 bajillion times. Anyway, here are some memes.

Bad singing as "ironically" good singing. There once was a time when singers were either good or bad. If they were good, maybe they got famous. If they were bad, they didn't get anywhere, and ended up drunk in a bar, crying about how they should have been a star. Thanks to the Internet, however, the worse of a singer you are, the more famous you are. Think Rebecca Black.

In fact, I think Rebecca has to be the most annoying Internet sensation ever.

What Internet sensations annoy you?


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